Wildwoods & Forestry

Branding a Sustainable Legacy

When Jenny and Ewan first reached out to us, they were clear about their vision: they wanted a brand that didn't just blend into the forestry industry but stood out as a beacon of sustainability and thoughtful forest management.

Wildwoods & Forestry, is a brand dedicated to sustainable forest management. Merging economic viability with environmental care, their brand represents a harmonious blend of nature’s heart delivering authenticity and a thoughtful approach to woodland preservation.


This brand is where the raw, untamed beauty of forests meets a deep-rooted respect for nature. Jenny and Ewan wanted to capture their profound connection with the great outdoors and specifically the forests they cherish.

One of the focal points of Wildwoods & Forestry's visual identity is the thistle—a nod to their Scottish roots. Encased in an imperfect circle, it speaks volumes about the brand's philosophy: nature's inherent, beautiful asymmetry. This emblem is paired with typography that blends the traditional with the modern—serif for headlines and subheadings, and sans-serif for body text—to offer readability while evoking sophistication.

A palette inspired by nature

Typically, forestry branding employs a gamut of earthy greens. But for Wildwoods & Forestry, we chose to take a different route. We included hues inspired by the Scottish thistle—a rich purple—to break the monotony. Alongside, we picked an array of greens and a soft yellow, dancing delicately between industry norms and the brand's unique identity.

A prevalent theme in forestry branding revolves around earthy greens. However, for Wildwoods & Forestry, it was essential to have a brand identity that stood out, not one that blended in. We dove into nature’s palette, picking unique hues inspired by the environment.

The chosen colours are a delicate dance between the industry standards and the uniqueness Wildwoods & Forestry brings. We included of hues from the Scottish thistle in a rich purple, an array of greens and a soft yellow. These colours tell a vibrant visual story of their roots and values.

More Than Just A Brand: It's a Manifestation of Passion

A nod to Scotland, the thistle is central to the brand’s visual identity. Enclosed in an imperfect circle, it subtly alludes to the natural asymmetry of trees. Paired with this is a scripture font that injects a personal touch, bridging the modern with the traditional.

It’s not just a brand; it’s a passion manifested. Every aspect, from the logo to the colour palette, celebrates the profound connection Jenny and Ewan share with the great outdoors, particularly the forests they hold so dear.

Our Collaboration

Curating Color, Crafting Identity

At Lark Digital, we were honoured to join A Paper Palette on this groundbreaking journey. Our collaboration was a journey through our signature process.
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