Sculpting unforgettable brands for audacious female entrepreneurs

Hey ladypreneur,

Welcome to Lark Brand Studio. The brand agency based in Brixham that specialises in crafting brands and websites for women in business who are ready to defy the ordinary.

Located along the breathtaking coast of Devon, UK, the studio sculpts bold brands that don't just show up; they kick down doors. I've been where you are, I've build the studio from the ground up and I'm all about crafting brands as beacons of empowerment, enabling the incredible women I partner with to radiate confidence and shine with authenticity.

What I do

Here to help you defy the ordinary

Here's the scoop: I'm not just whipping up killer visuals; I'm strategising your entire essence, from messaging to mission, identity to online sanctuary, I ensure your story not only shows—it resonates and vibrates.

Think of me as your brand’s power-up button. Together we'll delve deep, pulling out the core of what makes your brand tick, and turn that into a narrative that echoes directly to your target audience. From eye-catching branding that speaks your truth to SEO-driven websites that draw crowds, our strategy is clear—no fluff, all impact.

I toss out the cookie-cutter solutions and get real— real sassy, and real effective. Whether it's through magnetic aesthetics that stick or user experiences that make competitors weep, I'm here to make sure your brand isn’t just seen; it’s remembered for all the right reasons.

Our Clients

don't just take our word for it

Here's what our client's say

"When I first found out that Alouette was a web designer, I thought she would just change a few things on my current website, (which was an embarrassment for the service I wanted to provide.) Instead, she took me through an in-depth consultation, really getting to know me, my business, my goals, vision, and values. I quickly realised she was much more than just a web designer. We developed a brand strategy and a five-year plan that completely transformed my confidence and turned my work into a brand even before it launched. Everyone started commenting on my newfound confidence and the quality of my work. Since then, I’ve seen an increase in new clients and a significant improvement in my online presence. I can’t thank her enough—her work is invaluable."

Gemma - signature sound therapies

don't just take our word for it

Here's what our client's say

"Alouette has been a fantastic support for my business, both in terms of website/brand design and business support and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She has been so amazing at quickly understanding the business brand, concepts and ideas and turning them into beautiful designs and communication. Alouette is such a lovely person to work with, she's super friendly and caring. Every piece of work she has done for my business has been exceptional - 5 star + + rating!"

Laura - loj coaching

don't just take our word for it

Here's what our client's say

"Alouette is a creative superstar! She has taken our forest management company to new heights with the unique and eye-catching branding and website that she created for us. We cannot thank her enough for taking the ideas that were in our head and putting them so perfectly into reality on the page! We have had many comments about the website. All positive! The general feeling is exactly what we had hoped to achieve, that we stand out as a slightly different forest management company. The most exciting new client we have recently acquired. I know that our website was integral in bringing them to us so we are overjoyed about that."

jenny - wildwoods and forestry

meet the creator

Hi, I'm Alouette

I started Lark Brand Studio with a dream to sculpt unforgettable experiences for audacious female entrepreneurs who are ready to stand out.

Located in the heart of Devon, I run the studio with a rebellious spirit and am on a mission to empower women in business to shine with authenticity, confidence and a whole heap of sassy can do attitude.

I can't wait to chat

Join the rebellion

Tired of fading into the background? Step into the spotlight with Lark Brand Studio. Together, we'll carve out a space that's unmistakably yours, crafting a brand that's seen, heard, felt and remembered.

It's time your brand became an anthem, a rallying cry for the extraordinary. Reach out - let's make history.

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