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About us, the rebellious brand studio for women in business

A big welcome to Lark Brand Studio, from the creator behind the brand. I'm Alouette, I've worked hard to build a brand studio based in Brixham that creates branding and website design for female-led businesses.

I focus on strategy-based design and forge identities that break the mould. My designs are soaked in authenticity and serve as a calling to your dream clients. I'm here to truly empower you to stand tall and rock your brand like your favourite lippy.

My mission

changing things for women

I believe in the transformative power of branding to strengthen confidence among female entrepreneurs. My mission is to craft brands as beacons of empowerment, enabling the incredible women I partner with to radiate confidence, sass, and power.

Through strategic, bold branding, I aim to change the visual facade and essence of how female entrepreneurs perceive themselves and their businesses. It's about creating a brand so badass that it instils an unwavering belief in its ability to conquer the universe.

A future where every female entrepreneur shines with confidence

My vision is a world where the empowering clarity of strategic branding banishes insecurity and doubt for female business owners. I see a future where Lark Brand Studio has played a pivotal role in crafting brand identities that resonate deeply with their creators and speak directly to their dream clients. By tearing up the 'rulebook', I aim to establish a new standard where brands genuinely reflect their owners' essence—distinct, memorable, and daringly different.

I envision a business landscape transformed by women who stand tall in their brand's identity, equipped to showcase their unparalleled value and engage their audience with every fibre of their being.

Some things you should know about us...

Lark's Code of Rebellion


  • Champion boldness and ignite bravery
  • Provoke thought and emotion
  • Defy the ordinary
  • Have fun with it
  • Take your confidence levels through the roof
  • Year round sea swimming


  • Conform to mediocrity
  • Clone your competitors - you're too unique for that!
  • Leave you behind after your project
  • Take unsolicited advice from your aunts, friends, niece who does a bit of clip-art in their spare time
  • Run - unless we're being chased


I'm Alouette, founder of Lark Brand Studio

Who says you can't mix a bit of rebellion with a dash of authenticity? I come at branding with love and passion for both what I do and the women I work with.

My life outside the studio is one spent in Devon's enchanting landscapes—I spend my spare time conjuring culinary magic with the freshest catch, sea swimming whatever the weather, or belting out Fleetwood Mac tunes (Stevie Nicks, if you're reading this, I'm available for duets).

I'm all about crafting brands that resonate, rebel, and revel in their uniqueness. I bring abundant energy into our projects, transforming your vision into a brand that's as alive and vibrant as you are.

I can't wait to chat

Join the rebellion

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