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Seeped in bold strategy, your brand identity becomes the foundations that you need to disrupt your industry and give you the confidence to stand up and shout about your brand.

Brand transformation

"Alouette is a creative superstar! She has taken our forest management company to new heights with the unique and eye-catching branding and website that she created for us. We cannot thank her enough for taking the ideas that were in our head and putting them so perfectly into reality on the page!"

Jenny - Wildwoods & Forestry

Unearth your foundations

Brand Strategy

At the heart of every iconic brand lies a bold and robust strategy, the master blueprint behind the scenes.

your blueprint for brilliance

Forget the notion that branding is scary—while there are lots of moving parts, the purpose of branding is to act as your not so secret weapon for standout success. At Lark Brand Studio, I cut through the fuzzy with a bespoke process that spells out success in bold letters.

set the foundations first

First up, it’s all about strategy. Think of brand strategy as the deep dive that sets the stage for all that follows. It's not just about creating a pretty face for your brand, it's about going further than skin deep to lay the groundwork for your brand's future. This is where your brand’s future is crafted, by defining your mission, dissecting your dreams, and mapping out a clear course to make those big, bold business goals a reality.

Clarity and Confidence—Unlocked

Here's the thing, there’s so much more to branding than just logos, fonts, and colours. Together, we'll plunge into the core of your brand, tapping into your unique essence. It’s about peeling back the layers to find the core of your business allure—giving you the clarity and confidence to stride forward without a sliver of doubt.

Your branding bestie

Imagine having a brand bestie along for the ride. That’s me! I'm here to guide you through the branding journey, helping you nail down the what, the why, and the wow of your business. From spotlighting what makes you tick to fine-tuning your target audience, I'll make sure you shine like the badass business babe you are.

With every step you’ll feel more pumped to push your business into the limelight. No more hiding in the shadows—just pure, unadulterated brand magic that makes every introduction unforgettable.


Brand Identity

A complete authentic visual identity that stands out. From your logo to your colour palette, typography, and brand collateral, we craft every detail to reflect your brand's personality and strategic foundation.

Make Your Mark with Magnetic Style

Once we've set a rock-solid strategy, it’s time to dazzle the world with your brand’s visual identity. This is where your brand starts speaking in colours, shapes, and styles—loud, proud, and impossible to ignore.

An identity that's Uniquely Yours

The design phase is about translating your strategic blueprint into a visual feast that’s all about you. Every design element from the curve of a logo to the shade of a colour is crafted to reflect your business’s unique spirit and audacious goals. Wondering what magic we whip up? Dive into the FAQs below for the glittery details.

connect with your tribe

Marrying beauty with brains by fine-tuning your brand’s voice to speak directly to the hearts (and wallets) of your ideal audience, the focus is on making every word count and every design move resonate. It's time to elevate your business so that you can say goodbye to the days of ‘yes’ to everyone and hello to choosing projects that spark joy and bring meaning to your work. With your new brand identity, you’ll become a magnet for the right people—the kind that makes business feel like a breeze.

make an Unforgettable Impression

As your project closes, I don’t just hand over files and say ‘good luck’— I'll equip you with a launchpad for lasting success. From impactful marketing materials to strategic know-how, you’ll have everything you need to not just launch but soar. Your brand's visual identity will extend across all platforms, ensuring a cohesive and compelling presence that’s both seen and felt.

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