White Space Home

Creating Personalised Living Narratives

White Space Home, an avant-garde interior design studio, delves deep into the essence of individual style, celebrating the unique personal stories of each client to craft inspirational interiors. The studio stands as a testament to the magic that arises when personal narratives meet artistic innovation. When Sadie, the visionary behind White Space Home, approached us, her ambition was clear: She wanted to imbue her unique personality into the brand. It wasn't just an aesthetic undertaking; it was an exercise in passion and personality.


When Sadie approached Lark Digital, her vision was clear: to infuse more of her distinct personality into the White Space Home brand and website.

At its core, White Space Home thrives on contrasts—modern yet traditional, vibrant yet subtle. This philosophy resonates in every aspect of our work, mirroring the multifaceted narratives that dwell in each home. It's not just about designing spaces; it's about weaving unique stories into the very fabric of these interiors.

Crafting a Personal Touch in Every Corner

Given Sadie's inherent design prowess, our excitement was palpable. This was an opportunity to tell a story, not just through aesthetics, but through personality and passion.

Interior design often tends to stick to the 'safe' hues. But Sadie’s vision for White Space Home was far from ordinary. We handpicked a daring color palette—a rich verdant green accentuated by shades of lilac, cream, and a spirited orange. This lively blend perfectly encapsulates the vivacity that Sadie brings to every project.

The heart of the brand is built on contradictions and contrasts. These juxtapositions, brought to life through our designs, mirror the playful dance between spaces in our homes. Just as there's a story behind every door and beneath each roof, Sadie’s brand desired to stand out while embracing the individual tales of each client.

Beyond the Norm: An Unconventional Palette

We didn't want to settle for the typical. The design elements were carefully curated to challenge the conventional and highlight what makes White Space Home extraordinary. The brand name itself is encased in its own 'white space', subtly hinting at the importance of 'breathing room' in design.

White Space Home is more than an interior design studio; it's a narrative workshop. Here, memories are crafted, experiences are pieced together, and every space tells a story—a story that we at Lark Digital were honored to help translate into a tangible brand.

Deconstructing Design Norms

Sadie’s White Space Home is not merely about designing rooms; it's about crafting narratives, piecing together memories, and building a tapestry of experiences. And in this journey, Lark Digital was privileged to be a co-author, aiding in translating Sadie's design vision into a tangible brand reality.

Our Collaboration

Curating Color, Crafting Identity

At Lark Digital, we were honoured to join White Space Home on this colourful journey.
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