The process

How it works

I’ve crafted a unique journey at Lark Brand Studio that takes your brand from hidden gem to headline act. From my creative hub in Brixham, the branding process—Unearth, Forge, Sculpt, Emerge—goes beyond standard practice, embedding your brand’s DNA into every facet of our work.

I built this bespoke process to guarantee that we capture the essence of who you are and amplify it to the world. Your brand isn’t just seen; it’s felt, remembered, and revered.


This initial discovery shapes everything that follows, diving into what makes your brand tick, ensuring that our designs resonate deeply and authentically with your audience.


This phase is where your brand starts to take shape as we develop a cohesive strategy blueprint that aligns your brand’s identity with your business goals.


It's time to bring your brand to life. This is where the creative magic happens—designing the visual elements that will tell your brand's story.


The final reveal where your brand steps into the spotlight; refining and finalising every element, preparing to launch your brand to the world.

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