Splash land with a bang

A dynamic duo of mini branding and a bespoke landing page designed for new businesses eager to launch with professional flair who aren't ready for a full investment. This two-week odyssey is tailored for brands seeking a swift transformation with a lasting impact.

Guiding you through the brand process

"Alouette at Lark Digital such a dream to work with. She is creative, understanding, supportive and so friendly. She explains everything clearly and helps with suggestions and ideas. She really supported and guided me through the process and I look forward to working with her in the future. Made me realise how much I needed her help/expertise and support. Thank you Alouette x"

Polly - rise wellness

start with brand

Mini branding

Your journey begins with a mini strategy session where we dive into what makes your brand tick. We'll explore your unique attributes and objectives, setting the stage for your foundational brand story. This is where your vision starts to develop into something tangible and exciting.

Creative Alignment and Conceptualisation

Together, we'll align our visions and set concrete goals, ensuring clarity and mutual understanding of the project's scope. You'll receive a visual snapshot, giving you a glimpse of the creative energy poised to define your brand, complete with an opportunity for one round of revisions to perfect our approach.

Bespoke Brand Elements

+ Primary & secondary logos and monogram
+ Curated typography suite
+ Tailored colour palette
+ Brand style sheet

finish with land

Landing page design

After setting the foundation with your mini brand package, we move seamlessly into the "Land" phase—where your brand truly starts to take root online. Our focus shifts to crafting a custom landing page that encapsulates your brand's newly defined identity and serves as the primary touchpoint for your audience.

Engaging and Functional Design

We design your landing page to be visually engaging and functionally robust, ensuring it not only captures but also holds the attention of your visitors. This is where your brand's visual elements come to life, creating an immersive experience that resonates with your target audience.

Optimised for Conversion

Every aspect of your landing page is optimised for conversion. From compelling call-to-actions to intuitive layout design, we ensure that every visitor is drawn deeper into your brand story and encouraged to engage with your content or services.

brand & land to emerge strong

New brand on the block

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our comprehensive suite of extras. Whether you need captivating print materials, striking packaging, engaging copywriting, or SEO magic, we've got you covered. Each element is designed to enhance your brand's presence and ensure every touchpoint is memorable. Ready to elevate your brand with these powerful enhancements? Let's turn your vision into reality and make every aspect of your brand unforgettable.

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